Meet April ...

I am a birth junkie.  I am a doula, and childbirth educator, and lactation counselor.  I have completed advanced training as a hypnotist and I specialize in birthing hypnosis.  I teach Hypnofertility classes, and HypnoBirthing classes, and HypnoMothering classes.  I support couples throughout their challenges with fertility.  I celebrate their pregnancies.  I work with women to overcome anxiety and doubt and to heal from past birth trauma.  I help them release their fears and define their dreams.  And when invited, I am honored to attend their births.  

I am the proud mom to two of the most amazing people on the planet.  They teach me things every day. I am the grateful wife of a wonderfully supportive husband.  I am a daughter and a sister and a mentor and a friend.


I am personally and professionally passionate about pregnancy, birthing, and the adventures of parenthood.  I am deeply committed to making sure this adventure called life is something you can look back on with fond memories.  Or at least the knowledge that you were heard, and understood, and supported.

How it all began...

I didn't grow up thinking I would someday become a birth worker.  Who does?  No.  My plans were much more mundane.  I had every intention of becoming a teacher.  I left Colorado to attend a small, liberal arts school in Iowa where I ultimately earned a degree in English and Elementary Education.  Shortly after graduation, I married my high school sweetheart, dabbled for a couple of years in student affairs and women's health care, and then found myself pregnant with our "sooner than anticipated" firstborn.  We were young and excited... and scared out of our minds.  You know.  First time parents.

My daughter's birth changed the course of my life.  It wasn't until I experienced pregnancy firsthand that I realized just how much I didn't know.  I didn't even know the questions to ask!  We thought we were being progressive.  We hired a nurse midwife, took the recommended hospital classes, and read all the books they told us to read.  We were educated, but inexperienced, and ultimately - not at all prepared.

You see, what the books and hospital classes don't tell you is that having a baby is the BIGGEST thing you will ever do.  And that the people and energy and environment you surround yourself with throughout your pregnancy and at your birthing will forever shape the person you are to become.  That the experience of bringing a child into the world will change who you are, and how you think, and what you expect from those around you.  Sometimes, that one experience might even prompt you to change careers...

And so here we are...

I began my birthing business in 2003 when I certified as a birth doula through DONA International.  A year later, I gave birth to my son in the privacy of our home - surrounded and supported by two midwives, a doula, my family, and our friends.  All of a sudden, this birthing thing began to make a lot more sense!  In 2008 I expanded my scope of practice to include HypnoBirthing childbirth education classes.  Within a few years, my doula practice had transformed to one primarily made up of HypnoBirthing families.  I had found my niche.  I attended more specialized trainings - hypnosis for fertility and HypnoMothering - so that I could provide even more options to the families I serve.  In 2014, I completed my training as a Certified Hypnotist and in 2018 I joined the faculty of the HypnoBirthing Institute as a Master Trainer.  I am currently on a kick to become better educated in trauma-informed care for pregnant and birthing families.  I just can't get enough of this stuff!

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