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What folks are saying about my HypnoBirthing Classes

We took the class because we were told by our midwife that HypnoBirthing mothers had some of the most calm births she had witnessed.  We loved the course and would definitely recommend it.  It covered everything we could think of, as well as everything we couldn't.

Sarah W.

HypnoBirthing helped me to work through a very long labor and  very intense back labor.  It helped me to have an amazing birth experience and I am constantly recommending it to my patients who are interested in natural childbirth!

Dr. Nicole S.

Thanks to HypnoBirthing, when I woke up with strong surges in the middle of the night, I faced my birthing experience with excitement, a sense of confidence, and an overwhelming feeling of calm.  I was ready to meet my baby and knew I was capable of bringing him here safely.  Absolutely no fear or nerves about what was to come.  It was incredible!

Becca V.

HypnoBirthing is exactly what I was looking for.  As a first time mommy, I was scared of the whole process, particularly the actual birthing part, but at the same time I wanted to have my daughter naturally, without drugs.  This class gave me the confidence I needed, took away my fear, and helped me learn more about the birthing process and that this is what women's bodies are built to do.

Dusty B.

HypnoBirthing was a key factor in preparting me for an amazing childbirth.  It helps to give women the confidence that so many other philosophies work to break down.

Ashley S.

HypnoBirthing techniques used in our birthing process calmed me and reassured me that my body was capable of having our baby without the struggles you see on TV and hear about from others. I continue to use some of the techniques I learned in class today when in stressful circumstances.

Meghan A.

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