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A sincere compliment is the most humbling reward of this profession.  My heart felt thanks to each of the families who have invited me to share these precious memories with them...

We took the class because we were told by our midwife that HypnoBirthing mothers had some of the most calm births she had witnessed.  The class was very thorough.  Being first time parents, it provided us with a ton of new information that will be very beneficial.  I also just appreciate the HypnoBirth outlook that pregnancy is NOT a medical condition and that our bodies were created to do this whole childbirth thing without medical intervention.  We loved the course and would definitely recommend it.  It covered everything we could think of, as well as everything we couldn't. The relaxation tracks put me to sleep every time.  I'm excited to use HypnoBirthing when this baby decides to come!

Sarah W.

HypnoBirthing helped me to work through a very long labor and very intense back labor.  The philosophy is very refreshing!  HypnoBirthing helped me to have an amazing birth experience and I am constantly recommending it to my patients who are interested in natural childbirth!

Dr. Nicole S.

We hired a doula because we wanted additional support throughout the process and more specifically emotional and spiritual support.  April helped us know what could happen and even gave us a pep talk when we had to go down to the hospital early.  She was available for questions and follow-ups after our doctor appointments.  April helped us stay open to our birth plan changing as needed - she was grounded and balanced and helped us find a comfortable place between the "ideal" birth and our reality.

Laura K.

​Using a doula was a great choice for us.  Even though I liked my doctor, having another opinion to process information was always helpful.  And the additional support during delivery made my husband and me feel much more at ease.

Jess R.

Thanks to HypnoBirthing, when I woke up with strong surges in the middle of the night, I faced by birthing experience with excitement, a sense of confidence, and an overwhelming feeling of calm.  I was ready to meet my baby and knew I was capable of bringing him here safely.  Absolutely no fear or nerves abut what was to come.  It was incredible!


(Read Becca's full story here...https://medium.com/@beccaeulissvaclavik/harrisons-hypnobirth-878f9e8b2530#.rzik611w3)

Becca V.

HypnoBirthing is exactly what I was looking for.  As a first time mommy, I was scared of the whole process, particularly the actual birthing part, but at the same time I wanted to have my daughter naturally, without drugs.  This class gave me the confidence I needed, took away my fear, and helped me learn more about the birthing process and that this is what women's bodies are built to do.  On the day of my daughter's birth, I was calm and confident.  My active labor was short and my daughter was born without drugs or complications.  AND it gave us the tools for my husband to help me and be an invaluable part of the birthing experience.  I highly recommend this to any mommy and daddy looking for something better than the norm.

Dusty B.

Although my labor was just a little over two and a half hours long, I feel that April was a huge help.  She gave me great emotional support the weeks before labor and during labor.  Our baby came into this world faster than anyone could have imagined, and I loved every minute of it!  I wanted a natural, relaxed birth and although mine was rushed and a bit hectic, it was perfect.  I was able to trust my body and have my baby the way nature intended.  With the help of my husband, Chris, and my doula, April, I was able to ignore the craziness of the delivery room and focus on having my baby boy. 

Sarah K.

HypnoBirthing was a key factor in preparing me for an amazing childbirth. It helps to give women the confidence that so many other philosophies work to break down.

Ashley S.

I knew April had attended many other births and having her there brought me the confidence I needed to accomplish my goal of a VBAC.  She was a great source of support and reassurance.

Angela S.

April's ability to completely remove fear from our minds using knowledge and information was incredible.  HypnoBirthing is amazing!!  If only there was a way to make it more mainstream.  More people need to know this option exists.

Noelle W.

I am a 17 year old, tiny girl and the thought of having my baby was kind of scary!  Between going to routine visits and to the non-stress tests in the hospital, you were always there with me, April, and I was very comfortable with you.  I went to the hospital around 8 o'clock in the morning and during the process of being induced we played Wii, took pictures, and talked about our birthing plans.  Walking was a life saver and the tub relieved all the pressure when the contractions started to become more intense.  In all honesty, I was determined to have a natural birth and I wouldn't have been able to have Emily naturally without you!  After eleven hours of labor, a beautiful baby girl was born.  Thank you for being my doula.  Next time I am having a baby, I am coming to you!

Makayla H.

Our experience with April was outstanding.  As a young couple trying to experience childbirth naturally, we had a lot of negativity from others.  April helped us feel prepared and confident, creating a birth I wouldn't change for the world.

Jessi T.

HypnoBirthing techniques used in our birthing process calmed me and reassured me that my body was capable of having our baby without the struggles you see on TV and hear about from others. I continue to use some of the techniques I learned in HypnoBirthing today when in stressful circumstances.

Meghan A.

I always had questions for April and when I didn't, she asked me questions and got me thinking on a positive path towards my birth.  This helped to ease my fears before labor started.

Tracy W.

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