Upcoming HypnoMothering Classes

**All classes are currently being offered online (thanks pandemic!).**

My goal first and foremost is to keep everyone healthy and safe!

Classes are taught in live, interactive Zoom sessions.  HypnoMothering classes are 2.5 hours in duration.  They are intended as a special time just for mamas.  Please make other arrangements for children, partners and pets!


Classes are capped at 7 mamas to ensure an individualized experience.  Materials and digital downloads of hypnosis tracks for at home use are included in the cost of tuition.  

Registration is required to ensure a place in the class.  Please see below for upcoming dates and times.

HypnoMothering - Mamas-to-be

July 8th |6:00 pm

Sept 13th |6:00 pm

Oct 6th |6:00 pm

The original HypnoMothering class format - created to prepare women for a gentle transition into motherhood.  Learn how to create calm in the new baby storm with techniques and hypnosis designed specifically for the challenges and changes facing new mothers.  Taken while pregnant with her first baby, a mama-to-be maps a course to ease the adjustments of motherhood.

HypnoMothering - New Mamas

July 2nd |10:00 am

Sept 3rd |10:00 am

Nov 5th |10:00 am

This version of HypnoMothering is designed to help mothers find balance and energy throughout the early years of motherhood (with babies younger than 2 years old).  Learn how to create calm in your life as a mama to a new baby or toddler with techniques and hypnosis designed specifically for the challenges and changes facing mothers of wee ones.

HypnoMothering - The Preschool Years

Aug 7th |10:00 am

Oct 2nd |10:00 am

Didn't know about this until your wee one wasn't so wee any more?  No worries!  HypnoMothering for Preschool Moms was created just for you.  This class will take all the wisdom, techniques, and skills of the "younger" versions and apply those concepts to parents raising children between the ages of 2-5.