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What folks are saying about my HypnoBirthing Educator Trainings

April is a brilliant teacher.  She gently guided us through the program and gave us such a wonderful gift of knowledge.  I will 100% definitely and happily offer this program to my own patients.

Sally | Certified Nurse Midwife | California

This is such a great resource to have for parents with trauma.  It doesn't ignore their experiences.  They can use HypnoBirthing to help themselves heal in the most beautiful way.  April was so amazing.  Even though the classes were intense and long, I loved them and I'll miss seeing everyone's faces next week!

Leann | Birth Doula | Colorado

Birth can truly be amazing and much more comfortable than we have been told - and HypnoBirthing is an essential tool that everyone should know and learn.

Diana | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Maryland

April is a fabulous instructor.  I feel prepared to move on with my new skill set!

Heather | Nursing Student | Utah

April is a wonderful, knowledgeable, patient person and instructor.  I am so glad I was able to be taught by her.  It was a fantastic course online, I can only imagine how wonderful the in-person version would be.  April-isms are fantastic: "It's almost like nature had a plan!"

Sheri | Therapist | Illinois

I stepped into the HB educator training course thinking I had a pretty good idea of what HB is since I used this method to beautifully birth my son.  I am pleased and humbled to be able to learn the greater workings of this philosophy.  The more I learn about HB, the more my life changes for the better!  Thank you!

Emi | HB Mama |Michigan

April is a gift.  One of the best instructors I have ever had.  As a medical provider, I have learned so much!

Heath | Nurse Anesthetist/Hypnotherapist | Kentucky

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